Placements are the main outcome of any management program. Getting a desired job is a Dream come true for management graduates and we at NGI leave no stone unturned to help our students in achieving their goals. The PVP is a well structured program implemented in steps over two years of the course.

Step 1: Write your CV

The Preparations begin with creating CVs that present an exact picture of the students’ personality before the employers.

Step 2: Put yourself in Employee’s Shoes (Internships)

Winter and Summer Internships are proved out to be the best for gaining hands on experience of on the job training and get to learn, reading between the lines by observation. Our industry tie ups offer our students 20 to 50n days’ trainings at live locations in their areas of interest.

Step 3: Test your Aptitude

Almost every campus placement drive begins with Aptitude Tests. So we at NGI train our students for this throughout the year. Mock tests and simulation techniques are used for brushing up the students on various contemporary topics.

Step 4: Mock Interviews

Mock Interviews are conducted by internal and external experts wherein students’ performance and areas of improvement are discussed.

Step 5: Mock Group Discussions

Throughout the year students participate in Group Discussion sessions designed using different formats and gain expertise.

Step 6: JD Specific Trainings

When a campus drive is scheduled, the subject faculties train the shortlisted students based on the JD specified by the company. This helps the students in making the best of the opportunity.




We keep the students engaged in numerous activities like Extempore speeches. Elocutions, Presentations, Book Reviews, Movie reviews, & Report Writing etc for improving spoken and written English Skills and short duration trainings on Research Paper Writing, IT Skills development etc.

To be able to walk shoulder to shoulder with the industry the students get annual subscription to Elsevier Journals, Ebsco Journals and J-Gate journals.